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The World We Live In

While the contemporary socio-technical world we live in pushes us to engineer, design and create new technologies, what if we look at erosion, breakdown and decay as the starting points in thinking through the nature, use and effects of information technologies and new media.

This project is an ongoing investigation into the world we live in through idea of repair. By looking at the discarded shells of technology (e-waste), this inquiry aims to explore artifacts that are seemingly broken and imperfect, but perhaps not.

Series 1

Series I - Broken Windows

Away from dominant sensibilities of classical perfection, this series tries to explore the beauty of imperfections, by taking a more sympathetic look at broken screens - reengineered to work again.

Series 2

Series II - Around & Around

Our smart devices - laptops, tablets and smartphones - envelop us in a gentle bluish white glow, a light which has now become essential to our lives. Living in the late capitalistic world, we are constantly consuming this omnipresent light, and end up desiring it more and more. This light has become so dear to us that all our feelings, experiences and emotions are associated with it, so much so that it has become a new God -- a new God that connects us, makes us faster and claims to be more democratic. Today, the access to this light has become a basic human right. 

Series 3

Series III - Disconnected

Of late, we have been facing systemic fractures in the information society that we inhabit. Along with the rising concerns around surveillance, and privacy and security of data, there has been a steady increase in instances of government-mandated restraints on the access to information. After the Arab Spring, this has become another blatant method to exercise brute force and control over any information society.

In contemporary societies, internet access is synonymous with the exercise of the freedom of expression and opinion. Shutting down internet connectivity not only revokes this freedom but also has severe economic consequences impacting access to basic rights such as health and education.

Series 4

Series IV - Mob Mentality

Mob Mentality is a take on the digital propaganda and herd behavior through social media networks. It tries to communicate the rising polarizations in our society where we forget to critically reflect on the media that we are consuming and sharing.

Series 5

Series V - Repair or Jugaad?

Repair or Jugaad? is a visual documentation of my encounters with the technicians or hackers who are knowingly or unknowingly fighting for our right to repair. Technology manufacturers are continuously making it difficult for 3rd party vendors to repair digital devices and these technologist are constantly reviving them for us.

Roles - Research, Concept, Re-engineering and Production

Medium - E-waste

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